New Book

Today’s a new day! The new book is out. Thanks for all the love and support. This book is 20 years in the making. The majority of the book was written from my hospital room on 4South at Good Samaritan Medical Center. A fun fact. I have written both of my books on my Apple iPhone. I continue to live a blessed life. ~OC

Get to Living

Today’s a new day! As most of you know, I have spent the last 21 years fighting through this crazy beautiful health journey. I have learned a lot of lessons along the way. Here are a few things I will not be saying at the end of my journey.

*I wished I had lived life the way I wanted and not the life other people expected me to live. Have the courage to live the live designed just for you. Anything else is a waste of time.

*I wish I had the courage to express my feelings to loved ones. Please do not miss the opportunity to share your love and appreciation for those in your life.

*I wish I had stayed in touch with friends. During this health journey, I have made an effort to stay in touch with friends. Some friends have made the choice to move on, but thankful for those that have stuck around. Please never take friendships for granted.

*I wish I had chosen to be happy and take adventures. If you have followed Laura West Shoemaker and I, you know we love a great adventure. Do not wait for the right time to take an adventure. The right time is now. Get to living. ~OC

Take Action

Today’s a new day! This morning I woke up to news of another mass shooting in America. More innocent bloodshed. Of course, our elected officials shared their thoughts and prayers for the victims. But that’s not enough anymore. Where is the action behind those thoughts and prayers? If we truly want to see real change, we must look at reforming our current gun laws and putting more money towards mental health care. We must take action.

My faith has always taught me that we are the hands and feet of Jesus. In James 2:26 scripture shares “Faith without works is dead.” I am not dismissing the power of prayer. We must always pray. But I just know that there are times when we are waiting on God to act, and God is actually waiting on us to take action. When we get frustrated and cry out to God “Why don’t you do something?”, if we stop and listen closely, we might hear God softly whispering to us, “I did do something. I created you.”

But that doesn’t take anything away from the power of prayer. You know what I did this morning when I heard the news of another mass shooting in America? I prayed for the victims and community. I prayed for smarter gun laws. I prayed our elected leaders would do more than just offer their thoughts and prayers. It’s past time to take real action. ~OC

Keep Livin

Today’s a new day! The photos below are a tale of two moments in my crazy beautiful health journey. The picture of me in a dress shirt, is my wife and I in 2019 cruising in Alaska. We were on what my doctors shared would be my last vacation. I weighed 112 pounds, was not able to speak without the use of a voice amplifier, had not been able to eat solid foods for 3.5 years and was living off a feeding tube. The photo of me in the t-shirt is Laura and I on a cruise in 2023. My health is still a major issue, but God decided I needed to stick around a little bit longer. I am committed to sharing hope and encouragement with everyone I have the pleasure of meeting. I have been battling health issues for the last 21 years, but I choose to keep pushing forward. So I encourage everyone currently walking through a life storm to keep fighting. Keep livin and making beautiful memories. ~OC

Keep Moving Forward

Today’s a new day! Never give up. This crazy beautiful journey will have some difficult moments, but get ready for the victory. It’s coming. Keep moving forward. ~OC


Today’s a new day! To be honest, there are moments when I would like nothing more than to walk away from battling the storms of life. Walking away can sound so much better than this journey of building endurance, character, and hope. How many storms do I need to face in life? But in those tough moments, hope reminds me that I am not its source. The hope I walk in does not come from me, but from God who is compassionate, loving and faithful.

Opening up my eyes, God encourages me to look at the world with more hope. To look deeper and see more than what is and more of what could be. To hope.

Taking a deeper, more honest look at the realities of a hurting world can also become an act of hope. I believe in the power of love and peace. My hope is in God who is filled with love, mercy and compassion. My faith always leads me back to hope. This hope is real and available to each of us. Today, I encourage you to take a step towards Hope. ~OC


Today’s a new day! Some of the biggest storms I have experienced, have become moments for God to teach me new lessons. Through those experiences, God has blessed me with the amazing opportunity to share about His grace, mercy, and love with other storm battered souls. Sometimes we have to go through storms that strip away everything that we are relying on, so we can experience God in a fresh and truly life changing way. ~OC


Today’s a new day! As we walk through the storms of life, hope is something we must continue to hold onto. Hope is not based on our circumstances. It is a firm conviction, a way of living out this journey called life. Hope sustains us through difficult times. We know God is always walking beside us, regardless of what our current circumstances might lead us to believe. We trust suffering is temporary and that God will use our storms for good. Even during our biggest storms in life, we boldly proclaim that God is in control. He never leaves the boat.

Many times in the last 21 years, I’ve found encouragement in reading in 2 Corinthians 12:8-9, where Paul talks about the thorn in his side. God responded by saying these powerful words, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” Those words give me hope. Those words give me strength. Those words guide me to encourage others as they walk through their own crazy beautiful journey.

I do not know what my future holds health wise, but I do know who holds my future in His strong nail scarred hands. I will continue to believe God’s love and grace is sufficient. It’s enough for me. I pray it’s enough for you. ~OC

Embrace Today

Today’s a new day! Yesterday is gone. Take the lessons learned and move on. Today is happening right now. Do not miss a precious moment and create some beautiful memories. Tomorrow is not promised. Do not waste today worrying about what might happen tomorrow. ~OC

Faith Over Fear

Today’s a new day! With every storm we face, we have the opportunity to focus on the fear or learn to trust God. We have to make the choice to let our faith be bigger than our fear. I pray we learn to surrender our fears at the foot of the Cross and totally trust God in the face of the storm. ~OC

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