Living a Miracle

Back in 2014, I started to lose my appetite. I did not think much about it at the time because I needed to lose some extra weight. After years of being on prednisone I had put on a lot of weight. During my running days my weight was around 150. After being on prednisone for six months, my weight had ballooned up past 200. I had never weighed that much in my life. Unfortunately, I could not exercise to take the weight off. All my weight went to my stomach. All I wanted was for the weight to come off. Be careful of what you hope for.

By 2015, I eating and drinking were becoming more difficult. Anytime I would eat or drink, I would feel like I just ate a Thanksgiving meal. And that was just after one bite. The nausea was becoming unbearable. I was finally diagnosed with gastroparesis. In October of 2015, doctors decided to inplant a gastro pacemaker into my stomach to help with the nausea. I found some relief from the nausea. Unfortunately it did nothing for my appetite. By 2016, I was only taking in about 350 calories a day and the weight was coming off quickly. I was losing about 2 pounds a day. After years of complaining about my extra weight, I was thankful for the extra weight. So was wife and medical team. I truly believe God allowed me to gain this extra weight because he knew I would need it. By March 2017, my weight was down to 112 pounds and things were not looking good. I was given two choices. One, be admitted into the hospital and have a feeding tube inserted. Second, be admitted into the hospital and never go home. I decided God was not finished with me yet and decided to have the feeding tube implanted. Since March 2017, life has been full of ups and downs with my feeding tube. I am glad to say I have put on some much needed weight. But the thought of living the rest of my life on a feeding tube is not really appealing. My prayer has always been to have the ability to eat and drink again. I need a miracle.

Back in June of this year, my medical team decided to refer my case to Emory in Atlanta. I had actually found a new procedure that can help patients with gastroparesis eat again. The procedure is called a G-POEM. My wife and I met with the doctors at Emory and they shared I needed to complete several tests before I could be considered for the procedure. But there is more to the story.

During our trip to Emory, I really felt God telling me my stomach would be healed. I was not sure if that meant this new procedure would be my miracle or if God would actually heal my stomach. To be honest, I am hoping God will completely heal me of this  gastroparesis. I have completed all the tests Emory ordered. We should get the results next week. I am believing the test will show my stomach is completely healed. That would surely be a miracle. Laura and I are blessed to have so many people praying for my healing. I am happy to report that my stomach has been able to handle a few Ensures this week. That is a miracle! I believe it’s the first of many. ~OC

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