More Grace

Our world is filled with a lot of judgment and hate. Just jump on social media for a minute. Turn on the news. Just walk outside of your house. We are being bombarded with negativity. When did we become so mean? When did hurting people become a sport? Have we lost all semblance of kindness?

I decided to complete a self checkup on myself. At times I struggle with critiquing others. Sometimes I assume the worst in people. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. During this crazy/beautiful journey I have chipped away at the sharp edges that needed softening. I also came to realize every problem has the same beautiful answer.

More grace.

Showing more grace might heal all the judgment, hate and negativity our world is facing. More grace might heal our broken relationships.

So I have committed to living a life where my first response is not to judge others. Not to critique or pass judgment on everything I read on social media or hear on the news. Will I miss the mark at times. Yes I will. But during those moments I will choose to show myself some grace.

Sharing more grace is the beginning freedom, and let’s be honest we all need more of it. ~OC


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