God Loves Diversity

I love living in Florida. I was born and raised in South Florida. I would not want to live anywhere else. But imagine if God created the whole world to look just like South Florida. Would you enjoy that world? I wouldn’t.

I am happy that God created a much more diverse world. Instead of one big South Florida, we see the beauty and creativity of God’s creation. God created the wonder of the Grand Canyon and the coral reefs of Australia. He created the beauty of the four seasons.

God also created a world filled with diverse people. Different colors and cultures. I cannot imagine a world filled with people who only look like me or think like me. How boring would that be? No, I am in awe of how different God made his people.

I know there are some people who would disagree with me. They would love to see a world filled with people of one color and mindset. But that’s not the world God created. He must of thought how boring would the world be if everyone looks and acts like everyone else. I totally agree God.

That is why I am so passionate about speaking out against injustices against anyone based on their skin color, culture, faith, or place of birth. God created all of us with his beautiful paintbrush, full of different colors, cultures and believes. God loves diversity. And when we choose to embrace all the beautiful, glorious, messy differences of His people, I believe we catch a small glimpse of heaven. ~OC

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