Blessed Living

Health challenges are part of life. Everyone deals with a health issues every once in a while. When I first got sick in 2002, I thought I would be facing a short-term challenge. Never did I think I would still be fighting for my life in 2018.

My health history has not been an ordinary one. The first few years of my life I dealt with double pneumonia on several occasions. When puberty hit, I dealt with some major health issues. I was seen by several different doctors at major research hospitals around the country. But then things changed. From my middle teens until 2002, my health was on the upswing. Some minor issues here and there, but nothing major.

I share all this not for sympathy, but to share how even during the storms of life, you can still find happiness. When you’re dealing with multiple health issues, there are going to be challenges. Each day I wake up is truly a miracle. But even with all my health issues, I have made the choice to find the positives in life. To find the joy in every situation. That is not always easy, but I want to embrace this crazy/beautiful health journey. I never want my health challenges to keep me from living life. I mean truly living life.

So despite the twist and turns of your own journey, I encourage you to persevere. To embrace the crazy/beautiful journey God has you traveling. To find the blessings. ~OC



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