A New Race

During my running days, I planned out most of my runs. I knew what marathons I wanted to run and each marathon season I would map out a schedule. Of course, I would tweak the schedule as needed. I had some big running plans scheduled. Here is what I was planning before my health took a turn for the worse.

I was planning on running across the state of Florida to help raise awareness and money for Human Trafficking and Parkinson’s Disease. In my mind, I had it all mapped out. I had spoken to a few friends, who were going to help me realize this dream. I also had a bigger dream. After completing the Florida run and taking time to recover, I planned on running across America to help bring more awareness and raise more money to help end Human Trafficking and Parkinson’s disease. Yes, some pretty big dreams, but I serve a big God. Would I have completed either one of those races? Good question. I don’t really know. You see, running across Florida and the United States was my plan. Something I dreamed of doing. But God had other plans. He had a new incredible race planned for me. One, I could never have planned myself.

I don’t believe God made me sick, but I do believe he has allowed me to walk this crazy/beautiful health journey. God has turned what some would view as a negative into a story of Overcoming. God has given me a new race to run. A race to encourage others. A race to help guide others through their own stormy journey.  It is not a race I would have chosen 16 years ago, but it is a race I never want to stop running.. ~OC

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