A Simple Prayer

When my health took a real turn for the worse in 2009, I prayed a simple prayer. Most people thought I should be praying some big elaborate prayers to God. Maybe I should have, but a very simple prayer came to my mind.

During that scary time in March 2009, my little prayer was “God, please help me never look or act sick.” I have no idea where that prayer came from. There I was fighting for my life and my prayer was to not look or act sick. Crazy! Or was it?

Since 2009, I cannot count how many times family, friends, medical professionals and strangers have come up to me and said “Todd, you don’t look or act sick?” Some have even questioned if I am really sick. Yes, that has happened many times. I never get upset by those comments. You know why? Because each time someone makes one of those comments, I am able to share how during one of the worst moments in my life, God answered a crazy little prayer. Guess what? God is still answering that prayer.

I share this because sometimes we believe we need to pray some long and elaborate prayer for God to hear us. I thought that same way for many years. But during this crazy/beautiful health journey, God has shown me He doesn’t need a fancy prayer to hear the needs of his children. Did you hear that? God doesn’t need a long winded prayer said in Greek or Hebrew. No, God is big enough to answer a simple little prayer from the heart. I pray this brings you comfort as you walk through your own journey. ~OC

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