From Living to Thriving

I spent a good part of my life living. Most would say that’s a good thing. I used to think the same way, but the last few months my thinking as switched. Let me explain.

I used to think living was enough. I would get up in the morning like everyone else. I would go to work and try to make a difference. I would hang out with friends. I was helping fight human trafficking. Even when my health starting declining again in 2009, I was still living. Heck, I even became a missionary at doctors appointments and hospital stays. I was living life even during the worst days of my life. But recently I realized living wasn’t enough. I needed to thrive.

During my recent trip to Emory Medical in Atlanta, God showed me there was a difference between living and thriving. It was during that trip that God challenged me to stop just living, but to start thriving. What did thriving mean? God revealed that I had become too caught up in my health journey. I was sort of surprised by this revelation. I thought I was living a life not defined by my health issues. But as God spoke to my heart, he shared that my life centered around my health. God reminded that my life was more than my latest diagnosis. He forced me to look deep inside and see if I was really living out what I was sharing in conversation and on social media. Did I really believe that God could do all that he had promised he was going to do in my life? Sadly, I was not truly living out everything I was saying. In public yes, but in private no. It was a wake up call. On that trip to Atlanta, God gave me a new mindset. That just living was not enough. God was challenging me to thrive in life. Not just to live.

So, that is my challenge to everyone reading this post. Take time and ask yourself if you are just living, Not the easiest conversation to have, but it could be life changing. My life has totally changed since I decided to thrive in life instead of just living life. I encourage you to thrive. ~OC

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