Healing Comes In Many Forms

So many wonderful people have been praying for my physical healing for the past 16 years. Prayers have literally come from around the world. Over the years, I have heard comments like “I am so sorry God hasn’t healed you”, “Maybe you need more faith” and my favorite “What sin do you have in your life, that is keeping God from healing you?”. Those comments used to bother me, but thankfully God changed my thinking. You see, God has healed me. Let me explain.

God has healed me in many ways during this crazy/beautiful health journey. During this long journey God has kept depression away. Depression can be a major issue with Parkinson’s patients. Not that I haven’t had some tough moments during this journey, but they have never lasted. That’s healing.

God has kept my marriage strong during this journey. Laura and I have heard about so many couples divorcing during a prolonged health battle. Thankfully, God has strengthened our marriage during this journey. I have been dealing with major health issues the majority of our marriage. That’s healing.

God has kept me from anger and bitterness during this journey. I made the choice early on in this journey to live the most positive life possible. It has not always been easy, but God has truly blessed me. That’s healing.

Unfortunately, when we think of healing we only think about physical healing. God is so much bigger than just physical healing. My prayer is that we will look at all forms of healing and rejoice when God meets those needs. ~OC

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