How do you pray for someone with an incurable illness? I have been asked that question many times in the past 16 years. You see, I am that person with several incurable diseases.

We should pray without fear. Whatever we’re feeling, we can trust that God hears our cries. I am grateful for all the prayers offered up for Laura and I during this crazy/beautiful health journey.

Over the years, I have been asked, by many, how they can pray for me. I think people are surprised with my answer. I never ask for healing. No, my prayer has always been that God would use me during this journey. Now, I never say no when someone ask to pray for my healing, but I am more concerned how I walk through this journey.

Two of the most important things you can do for someone needing prayer is to Listen and Ask. Listen carefully to the concerns of the person. Remember, this is not about you. Secondly, ask them how they would like you to pray for them. The answers may surprise you, but remember this journey is their journey, not yours. By doing these two things,  you are showing support and honoring them.

Praying for someone dealing with a incurable disease is not about your will. Praying for someone is about crying out to a loving and powerful Savior, acting as a living testimony to God’s promises that a terrible diagnosis will not have the last word. ~OC

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