My Health Journey Saved My Life

Before I got sick, I didn’t always notice hurting people. Now, God brings those hurting people to me. It could occur during one of my many hospital stays. It could occur during the countless doctor appointments. It could occur in church. It could even be in a cafe.

During this crazy/beautiful health journey, God has placed many hurting people in my path. Why now? The answer is pretty simple, at least it is to me. My 16-year health journey has forced me to slow down.

I used to run 3 to 4 marathons a week. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, I get tired walking across the room. God has opened my eyes, my ears and most importantly, my heart. Heck, God even used the incident of my heart stopping, to help me share this crazy/beautiful journey.

We cannot see hurting people, if we are flying through life. God has slowed me down to help encourage others during this crazy/beautiful journey. But more importantly, He has given me the time to just sit and listen.

So my challenge to everyone is to slow down. Take the time to see hurting people. Take the time to listen to hurting people, just listen. People are not always looking for solutions. Sometimes they just want to be heard. Don’t be afraid of beautiful interruptions. ~OC

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