The Big Man

When I was younger, I had a part time job, in addition to a demanding full time job. I had graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University.  I made a promise to myself to pay off all my student loans within 10 years of graduation. I did not want that debt following me for years. I worked a few different places, but the best story comes from my days at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I usually arrived at BB&B around 5:30pm and worked until close. Anyone who has worked retail, knows that doesn’t mean you clock out at 9:05pm. No, you spend several hours cleaning up the store and getting it ready for the next day. So I usually got home close to midnight, Monday through Friday. That was after getting to my full time job around 7:30AM each morning. A made for a long day, but was worth it to pay off those student loans. Also, I was only doing this for a short time. Blessings to those who have to do that everyday of their lives to survive. I only had to do it for a few years. Plus, it was my choice. Also, I got a great story from my days at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

There was a certain saxophone player who played for a guy from Jersey called “The Boss”. This sax player would come into the store on occasion and do some shopping. We interacted a few times and he decided I should be his helper. So when this sax player known as the “The Big Man”, would come into the store, I would help him out. That sax player was the legendary Clarence Clemons from Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. Mr. Clemons was always a joy to help. No, I never asked him about Bruce or for a autograph. I think that is why he always asked for me. A great memory. ~OC

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