Coach and Encourage

From 2004 until 2009, I was a runner. I started running after being diagnosed with cancer and having open-heart surgery to remove a tumor. I had run cross country in high school, but had not run since. Let’s just say that was a very long break. From the minute I started running again in 2004, I enjoyed every minute.

In 2009, after my health issues returned, I had to hang up my running shoes. I still buy a pair of running shoes once or twice a year. My love for running has never wavered. I still talk about running. I still read about running. I still think about running. Once a runner, always a runner.

I have come to realize I will never be able to run again. After some time, I am at peace with that truth. But like I shared above, I still love running. So in 2019, I would love the opportunity to help coach and encourage other runners. I am not looking for a paid position. I am looking for the opportunity to help encourage an individual or team to reach their goals. Just to be back in the running community would be a blessing.

If anyone is interested in talking with me about this opportunity, feel free to contact me. It would be my honor to help you or your team achieve your running and life goals. ~OC

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