Dear God

Today is the first day of 2019. Can you believe it? A new year. A new start. New challenges. New blessings. How exciting! Here are some of my prayers for this new year.

*Dear God, please continue to work through me and strengthen my walk with you.

*Dear God, help me to be a better husband.

*Dear God, help me to be a better friend.

*Dear God, help me love and serve my church and all the people you have placed there.

*Dear God, help me never miss the beautiful interruptions you have for me.

*Dear God, help me help others.

*Dear God, help me be more concerned about your opinion and less about the world’s opinions.

*Dear God, help me to be a better encourager.

*Dear God, help me make a difference for you right where you have me planted.

*Dear God, help me be a change maker.

*Dear God, help me love others more this year.

*Dear God, help me to continue to grow outside of my comfort zone.

*Dear God, help me to never put you in a box.

*Dear God, give me the strength and wisdom to live the life you have created for me.

*Dear God, help me to be okay when your answer is no or not yet.

*Dear God, I thank you for this new year and dedicate it to you. May you be glorified in all that I do and say. ~OC

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