My Story

With so many negative stories in the news, I thought I would share a positive story with you. It’s my story. 

I am currently entering my 17th year dealing with multiple life threatening health issues. I am affectionately known as The Man Who Refuses to Die. During this journey, I have been blessed with many cool nicknames. I used to be a long distance runner. I actually used to run several marathons a week. No, I wasn’t being chased by anyone. Today Jesus has me running a new race. A race to truly love and encourage others going through their own storm. Jesus has allowed me to become a Abolitionist, Missionary and Speaker during this crazy beautiful journey. In the next few weeks, I will be able to add published author to that list. The funny thing about being a speaker is, I have to use a amplifier to help me speak these days. Jesus can even use a whispering man to share His story. I am a missionary at the many doctors appointments and hospital stays. Jesus always brings me to someone who needs a encouraging word. Most people hear my story and think how terrible. But I look at my story and think what an amazing God we serve. 

Thank you for reading my story. Feel free to contact me anytime. I pray Jesus continues to bless your journey. ~OC

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