Living With Hope

As I enter my 17th year of this crazy/beautiful health journey, I am often asked how I stay so hopeful?

When my crazy/beautiful journey started, I could never have imagined that in 2019, I would still be dealing with health issues. But early on in the journey, I decided I was going to live a life full of hope. Now that does not mean each day is filled with chocolates and rainbows. Not that I could eat the chocolates anymore. Each day is filled with some tough moments. My body and mind are not able to do things that used to come so naturally. Those can be very frustrating days. During those tough moments, I make the choice to find joy and purpose in life. Here are some ways I do that.

I constantly seek God through prayer. I believe finding purpose in our lives is critical. What are your interest? Do not be afraid to think outside of the box. How can God use the trial you are facing? Seek input from others.

Ask questions like “How can I use my journey to help other?” “What am I passionate about?” Your journey could help someone going through their own storm. My health journey has helped me assist others in their own health struggles. I am also passionate about ending human trafficking. My health journey has given me more time to help fight this crime.

Eliminate toxic relationships from your life. When you are facing a storm, you need to be surrounded by positive people. There are so many negative things going on around us. No one needs any additional negativity or drama in their lives.

Share forgiveness. In life people will fail you. They will say or do the wrong thing. Hopefully you will experience healing in those relationships. If not, move on.

Make healthy decisions. During my journey, my wife and I have had to make a lot of tough decisions. We have learned over the years, we have to do what is best for us. We cannot worry if our choices do not make sense to others.

Share your gifts and talents. During this crazy/beautiful journey, God has blessed me with a lot to say. He has blessed me with social media to help share my story. God also blessed me with the gift of encouragement. What are your gifts and talents?

Just remember that God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives. I encourage you to stay positive and focused on His purpose for your life. ~OC

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