Stop Judging People

Everyone you come in contact with today has a story. A story we might not understand or relate to. We may not know or understand their stories, but God does.

The last few years, God has truly been teaching me to stop judging others and to genuinely show them God’s love and to learn their stories. God showed me that I was judging people without even realizing it. I was passing judgement without getting to truly know a persons journey. What they were going through in life. Instead, at times I was placing a label on them based on what I saw on the outside. Why did they look or act the way they did? But what if I knew their story? I mean really knew their stories. Not the masked they put on for the public.

To look past that public mask, we would have to slow down and get to know that person. That would take our time. It would take some effort. It might get dirty at times. Are you willing to get a little messy to truly look past the mask?

There are hurting people all around us. Doing their best to put on a happy face. It is time to open our eyes. It is time to trade our judgement for God’s love and compassion. It is time to pray that God would give us His eyes, so we can truly see the hurting people around us.

Are you ready to step out of your judgement and to truly love those around you? To take time to learn the stories of the hurting. Hurting people are asking if anyone really cares. Today could be your day to stop judging them and truly get to know their story. To show them you really care. ~OC

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