Hello Politicians! Speak Out Against Racist And Hateful Comments

If you turn on the tv or listen to some of our politicians, you will here a lot of racist and hateful comments. This is nothing new in America, but the fact that so many of our leaders are staying silent is very disturbing.

Why does it appear so many politicians are afraid to speak out against racist and hateful comments? Is it fear of retaliation from the leaders within the political party? Are these silent leaders afraid they will lose votes if they speak up? Are they racist? Do they just simply not care? I wish I had some answers to these questions. I really do.

I think it’s a sad state of affairs when elected leaders make the choice to stay silent, as other elected leaders continuously make racist and hateful comments. As voters, we need to demand better from our elected officials. As voters, we need to call, email or visit these leaders when they refuse to speak out against racist and hateful comments. Even if it means speaking out against someone in their own party.

I can promise you, that I will never support any person that spews hateful and racist comments. I will speak out against and write about the wrongs I see. I challenge everyone to step up and speak out against any politician that is sharing racist and hateful ideas. If you don’t, that makes you part of the problem. Remember, as a registered voter you have the chance to make a difference by voting. ~OC

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