Racial injustice in America

I am once again writing about racial profiling in America. The only “Crime” these men committed was being African American in America. Sadly, I have posted similar blog post over the last year. A African-American man in Illinois is arrested for stealing medical equipment from a hospital. He was a patient at the hospital just going for a walk. A African-American man in Texas playing with his children is confronted by police after being mistaken for a fugitive. The only thing the two men had in common was they both had dreads. In Ohio, a African American police officer has a gun pulled on him by a white security guard in a IRS office. I am saddened and angry that we continue to deal with racial profiling, racist comments and racism in America. I will continue to pray the following prayer until there is justice for all in America.

Dear God, please be with my brothers and sisters of color. Be with them as they walk down the street, that people will not clutch their purses or bags a little tighter. Praying as they visit a place of business, they will not be hassled. I pray if for some reason they are pulled over by the police, they will be treated with respect. I am saddened that I have to pray this prayer every day for my brothers and sisters of color. I pray that one day, I will wake up and not have to lift this prayer up to you. Until that day comes, I will continue to pray for my brothers and sisters of color. I will continue to listen to their stories of injustice. I will continue to learn how I can help. I will continue to write and speak out against racism in America until there is justice for all. ~OC

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