Truly Living

I love technology and social media. If you follow me at all, you know I have multiple social media pages. I love it. With that said, I wonder if all our technology has made us slowly stop living. I mean truly living.

Have you been at a restaurant, church or basically anywhere and looked around? Almost everyone is buried in their phones or computers. Sometimes this happens has we are sitting in our living room with family/friends. We have become so obsessed with checking our social media pages, I believe we have stopped truly living. We seem more concerned about how many friends we have on social media and less concerned about the actual friends we have, that would love to hear from us. We have become walking zombies, constantly looking for the perfect update to post on our social media pages. I am not pointing fingers, because I have been guilty of doing the same thing. Hello! I am writing this blog post from my cellphone.

Sadly, we don’t value friendships, conversation or just hanging out these days. We seem more concerned about posting the next great post. If we lay our phones down for a minute, we might miss what someone had for dinner. Meanwhile we are missing life. There is always going to be a new project, task, or social media update we have to complete. My fear is we are losing the true meaning of life. The art of truly living.

So this week, I challenge everyone including myself to put down the phone/computer and truly live. That could mean meeting a friend and spending time catching up. That could mean taking a walk and just enjoying time with nature. You don’t have to take a picture or video to prove you did it. Maybe you can use your phone to actually call a friend or loved one and have a real conversation. Take the time this week to truly live. ~OC

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