I Love America

I love America. I love the freedoms we have. I truly would not want to live anywhere else. But I also realize that America has its problems, just like any other country. What’s great about America, is we have the right to criticize the things that need to be changed. Well, at least we used to.

I am concerned with this new sentiment of Love It or Leave It. We have all heard someone say it. Heck, I even saw it on a church sign. Really? Note to self, never attend that church. If you have used this statement, I would encourage you to check your heart. Also check your America History. America was build on people being able to share their concerns about this country without the threat of being told to “go back to your country.” Even though those who dare to criticize America, where actually born here in the Good Ole USA.

I know some will be upset with this post. How dare I think it’s okay to criticize America? I make such criticism, not because I hate America, but because I love America. We have to stand up for people even if we do not agree with their opinions. That is their right. A lot of great people died to give them that right. We have to be willing to look at the good and bad that makes up America. The day we stop allowing people to criticize America, is the day we become like a communist country and lose what has always made America great. ~OC

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