When Christians Disagree About Politics

The past few years, we have seen how politics has divided America. All you have to do is tune into a talk show, watch the news or scroll through social media. Politics have sadly brought out the worst in some people. What is even more heartbreaking is how politics have divided some in the Church. A place where we should be united as become divided by today’s politics. So how can the Church work through this political division and be united? Here are a few thoughts.

Republicans and Democrats can be Christians. I have been amazed how some people question your faith based on your political  party. I personally do not belong to any political party. I gave up my party affiliation before the last election. It is okay for Christians to be involved in politics, but their political party cannot be more important than their relationship with God. When Christians become more concerned about who’s in the White House than who their neighbor is, that becomes a dangerous and slippery slope.

Arguing about your political beliefs does not make you a better Christian. That only means they enjoy arguing. We need to look past our political differences and love our neighbors the way God commands us. Even if they have a different political opinion.

Admit when your political party is wrong. Guess what?  Republicans and Democrats are not perfect. I know, your favorite political cable news show wants you to think they are, but their not. So do not be afraid to step up and admit when your favorite candidate  messes up.

Take time to talk. I encourage everyone to reach out to those with different political beliefs and talk. Not argue. Not debate. Just talk. I promise, you will walk away realizing you have more in common than you think.

Living out our faith. My heart has been broken hearing how the current political landscape has ended friendships. How politics have driven some people from the Church. I am not sure how we got to this point in American politics, but it truly saddens me. I have a lot of friends on both sides of the political aisle and I respect their right to vote for their candidate. Even if I disagree with that candidate. I have had some serious conversations with friends at church who vote and believe differently than I do. I do not pass judgement. We have respectful conversations. Because at the end of the day, I am more concerned about serving God and others, than I am about who wins an election.

As Christians, we should make the choice to rise above partisan politics. We can still have our opinions. We can still vote our conscience. But it is time we work together to unite this country. Our words and actions should model the teachings of God and not mock them. ~OC



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