God Don’t Make Junk

I apologize to all the English teachers out there. I just have to be real with this message. God Don’t Make Junk!

As we travel this crazy beautiful journey, sometimes we look at our current circumstances and think God cannot use our mess. Our junk. How can He use a man with a broken down body? How can God use the addict? How can He use the divorced person? How can God use the person that just keeps screwing up? Have you ever felt like junk? I know I have.

During those moments of brokenness, we need to seek after God. Because the world will tell us we’re worthless. That we are broken. That we are junk. Please do not believe the lies. God made each of us for a wonderful purpose in life. Our mistakes and brokenness make us stronger. Our past failures help us find our true purpose in life.

As you walk this crazy beautiful journey, I pray you will remember God don’t make junk- so we need to be living like our lives are masterpieces. There are storms we will face along the journey, but there are also many blessings. Keep striving to be the masterpiece God has created. ~OC

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