Not Reality

Hello. This is something God put on my heart.

We have allowed many things to catch our eyes. They are bright and shiny, but are never what they claim to be. We hold them tight, only to see them disappear into the night. They are not real. Just pretty fantasies and not what they claim to be. They appear to be silver and gold, but that’s not reality. Just another fantasy. The shiny lights are just a dream. They were never reality. There just idols that will fade. They don’t have the power to save. Just a box of shiny bright things. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in that fantasy. Only one person can save us and that’s the King of Kings. Unfortunately, some people like to make the true King bright and shiny, but that’s far from reality. You see, the true King was born in a simple cave. That was far from the bling of the man made kings of the day. They were just living in a fantasy. Not much different than today’s man made kings. The idols of success and closet full of shiny bling ain’t gonna, no ain’t gonna save us. There just another fantasy. Only the King of Kings can turn that fantasy island into a place of eternity. Our only hope is in the King of Kings. Look up and shout out to the true King. Look up and shout out to the true King. He can turn your shiny fantasies of this world into the true reality of eternity. Look up and shout out to the true King of Kings. He’s holding out his hand waiting to welcome you into eternity. ~OC

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