Heaven And A New Body

In 2017, I had to have a feeding tube inserted. Since then, I have had to have several replacement feeding tubes. Just another part of this crazy beautiful journey. Last Tuesday, while shaving my feeding tube fell completely out of my stomach. The anchor that keeps the feeding tube in my stomach deflated. I had to go to the hospital and have surgery to replace my feeding tube. That’s where I had a experience, that has changed my life forever.

After arriving at the hospital, the surgeon decided based on my current health condition they would not use anesthesia during surgery. They would just numb the area around my feeding tube. When I was taken to the operating room and the surgeon surveyed the situation, it was decided that I would actually need anesthesia. No big deal. I have been under anesthesia many times. After the anesthesia was administered everything changed.

While I was under anesthesia, I believe I actually went to heaven. You read that correctly. On Tuesday April 16, 2019, I spent a few moments in heaven. No, it was not a near death experience. During surgery, I was walking down a brightly lit road. I felt peace that I have never felt before. During my visit, I was actually in a new body. I was no longer in pain. My body felt whole. I saw what I believed to be levels during my experience. I actually believe it was steps. I felt like I was home. During this experience, I never saw God or anyone else. I also never heard the audible voice of God, but I did hear him speak to my heart. What He shared was disappointing. I heard God tell me it was not my time. God shared he had more for me to accomplish. I remember being disappointed and not wanting to come back to earth. I was ready to be home in heaven, but God was not ready for me yet. I then woke up in the recovery room. Usually when I come out of anesthesia, I am very talkative. My wife Laura shared this time I was totally quiet. So quiet, she was actually concerned something was wrong. Laura shared I just kept looking up to the sky, like I was searching for something. Of course, she had no idea the experience I had just woke up from. When I was able to verbally share what happened to me later that night, everything made sense to her. I was trying to get back to heaven. Oh, how I wanted to get back. But I realized God wants me here to finish the mission he has given me. A mission to truly love and encourage others. That desire is greater today than ever before.

Why did God allow me to experience heaven? That is something I am still processing. Several people have shared that with everything I have been through health wise the past 17 years, God wanted me to experience my new body for just a moment. I am not sure, but that new body felt really good. I may never know for sure why God blessed me with this beautiful experience, but I know I will never be the same.

I have been a little hesitant to share my experience. I know some people will say I was under anesthesia and that I never actually visited heaven. Believe me, I had that same thought. Some people will say I made the whole thing up. Once again, I had to asked myself that same question. But after going through all of those different scenarios, I know I experienced heaven for a brief moment. I keep going back to the peace I felt. It was a peace I have never felt before. I cannot put that feeling into words. I just know my life was changed that day and will never be the same.

Another reason I have been hesitant to share my experience, is I never want to cheapen the experience. I feel my words do not and cannot fully convey what I experienced. I do not want my experience to be about me. When I do share my experience, I feel overwhelmed by it. I get very emotional. That is a feeling I never want to lose. I continue to pray for God’s guidance as I share my experience.

Dear God, never allow this experience to be about me. Please help me be honest and real as I share the experience you have given me. I also pray my life will never be the same. May my experience encourage others. I thank you for allowing me to get a small glimpse of heaven. I cannot wait to get back. ~OC

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