Encourage Others

I love encouraging everyone around me. Each morning I pray God will bring people my way that need some encouragement. Here are a few easy ways we can encourage others.

Pray for other.

Call a loved one.

Share words of encouragement.

Pay for someone’s meal.

Send someone a card or letter.

Leave your spouse or roommate a post-it note with some encouraging words.

Be patient with the clerk at the grocery store. Share a kind encouraging word with them.

Share a smile.

Encourage your coworkers.

Share a hug (Be appropriate).

Spend some quality time with family and friends.

Take your neighbors garbage can to the curb or return the empty garbage can.

Send a positive text to a loved one or friend.

Tell your boss, coworkers, employees, pastors and friends that you appreciate them.

Always say Thank You.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

Recognize others and their accomplishments. Celebrate them.

Turn your cell phone off when visiting with family and friends.

Be a positive and encouraging person.

Don’t always talk about yourself.

These are just a few ways to encourage others. Find ways to encourage those around you. ~OC

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