God’s Promises

Today’s a new day! As we begin a new week, remember these promises.

God has a glorious destiny for your life.

Your current or past circumstance does not alter the fact that He has a plan for your life.

God gave you the right personality, talent, gift, passions, and designed you the way you are, with His purpose in mind and your destiny in mind.

God has a destiny for everyone, not just a select few. It is God’s desire for us to walk in it and that is why we are destined to overcome.

No storm can rob you of God’s destiny for your life.

God will use the storms in order to change us and redirect us. Sometimes we feel that we are being blown off course but in fact God is using the storm in order to put us on the right path.

Whatever you give to Jesus, he resurrects. Give Him all the broken pieces of your storm battered life and He will breathe new life into it. The storms may be strong but God is stronger.

Remember, you are an Overcomer.

Have a wonderful and blessed week. ~OC

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