True Love

When I think about true love, I think about my beautiful bride Laura. If there was a picture of true love, her picture would be be front and center. This is not just a husband bragging about his wife on Valentine’s Day. Let me share a little love story with you. A young man meets a young girl while rollerblading in Palm Beach almost 20 years ago. This young couple gets married in the same year. I am sure a lot of people thought what crazy kids. In year three of this beautiful love story, the young man gets sick. Maybe just a little bump in the road. No, that little bump would become a crazy beautiful journey that would still be going on in year 20 of this love story. So what does this young girl do? She steps up and becomes the young man’s cheerleader, health advocate, caregiver and get in your face kind of protector when needed. This young lady has been my champion. That young couple could have never known the journey they would travel. But they decided to make the most of all the hospital stays and doctor visits. Many Valentine’s Days spent in the hospital. That young couple has always found a way to turn a negative into a positive. They have always decided to run, sometimes limp through this crazy beautiful journey together. Always together. ~OC

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