Keep Livin

Today’s a new day! The photos below are a tale of two moments in my crazy beautiful health journey. The picture of me in a dress shirt, is my wife and I in 2019 cruising in Alaska. We were on what my doctors shared would be my last vacation. I weighed 112 pounds, was not able to speak without the use of a voice amplifier, had not been able to eat solid foods for 3.5 years and was living off a feeding tube. The photo of me in the t-shirt is Laura and I on a cruise in 2023. My health is still a major issue, but God decided I needed to stick around a little bit longer. I am committed to sharing hope and encouragement with everyone I have the pleasure of meeting. I have been battling health issues for the last 21 years, but I choose to keep pushing forward. So I encourage everyone currently walking through a life storm to keep fighting. Keep livin and making beautiful memories. ~OC

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