Keep Dancing

Today’s a new day! I hope you wake up with a dream in your heart and a sense of excitement about a new day. A new adventure. May you never take a day for granted. May you embrace every breath. Take in every moment. May you always fill loved and never take it for granted. May your life be filled with laughter and tears. Both are healing. I pray when given a chance to be a difference maker, you grab hold and run with it. Never be afraid to shake things up a little. I pray you never give up when life gets hard. I pray when given a chance to quit, you make the choice to dance. I pray you never fear those raging waves in the distance. They will eventually calm and be filled with amazing lessons. Keep dancing during the storms of life. Who wants to look back and regret not taking a chance? A chance on love. A chance on friendship. A chance on making amazing memories. A chance on living a crazy beautiful adventure. I pray you keep on dreaming and dancing. Give your dreams more than a fleeting glance. Never lose your sense of wonder and adventure. Keep dancing. ~OC

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  1. What a Beautiful message Todd … with your recent Hospital Stay … I am always in awe of your Positivity! As you know I have suffered greatly but times I think GOD forgets that I never gave up on me even if for a fleeting moment… I admire your Faith of NOT having those doubting moments … it seems when it does happen you write a message such as this one and use your strength to continue my Service of taking care of those in need thru my Non profit… it’s my thanks for GOD bringing me out of the Coma to live a full life in Service to others… Thank you for being You Todd… I pray this new year gives you better strength health and wealth for you and Laura… I’d like to share your post with a young lady that has turned to me for support… Happy Blessed each day of the New Year!

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